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Apartment no. Floor Type Floor area Terrace / Balcony Total area Status Price Favorite
A2.1 1st 3 BR Sold
A2.2 1st 3 BR Sold
B2.1 1st 3 BR Sold
B2.2 1st 3 BR Sold
A3.1 2nd 1 BR Sold
A3.2 2nd Studio Sold
A3.3 2nd 1 BR Sold
A3.4 2nd 1 BR Sold
A3.5 2nd Studio Sold
B3.1 2nd 1 BR Sold
B3.2 2nd Studio Sold
B3.3 2nd 1 BR Sold
B3.4 2nd 1 BR Sold
B3.5 2nd Studio Sold
A4.1 3rd 2 BR Sold
A4.2 3rd 1 BR Sold
A4.3 3rd 1 BR Sold
A4.4 3rd Studio Sold
B4.1 3rd 2 BR Sold
B4.2 3rd 1 BR Sold
B4.3 3rd 1 BR Sold
B4.4 3rd Studio Sold
A5.1 4th 1 BR Sold
A5.2 4th 2 BR Sold
A5.3 4th 1 BR Sold
A5.4 4th Studio Sold
B5.1 4th 2 BR Sold
B5.2 4th 1 BR Sold
B5.3 4th 1 BR Sold
B5.4 4th Studio Sold
A6.1 5th 2 BR Sold
A6.2 5th 2 BR Sold
A6.3 5th 1 BR Sold
B6.1 5th 2 BR Sold
B6.2 5th 2 BR Sold
B6.3 5th 1 BR Sold
A7.1 6th 1 BR Sold
A7.2 6th 2 BR Sold
A7.3 6th 1 BR Sold
A7.4 6th Studio Sold
B7.1 6th 2 BR Sold
B7.2 6th 2 BR Sold
B7.3 6th 1 BR Sold
A8.1 7th 2 BR Sold
A8.2 7th 2 BR Sold
A8.3 7th 1 BR Sold
B8.1 7th 3 BR Sold
B8.2 7th 3 BR Sold
A9.1 8th 3 BR Sold
B9.1 8th 3 BR Sold
A1.1 Ground Retail Reserved
B1.1 Ground Retail Sold

The price list is representative only and not a binding offer (proposal to conclude a contract). Neocity O2, s.r.o. reserves the right to modify the price list at any time. All contracts concerning the sale of units must be concluded in writing. A contract is concluded at the time Neocity O2, s.r.o. accepts an offer to conclude a contract. 


We will be happy to help you choose the best option for financing your flat and will assist you in obtaining the necessary documents.

  1. 10 % of the all purchase price
    The first instalment corresponds to 10 % of the all purchase price, including VAT, is payable within 5 business days of signing the Future Purchase Agreement.

  2. 90 % of the purchase price
    The balance, 90 % of the purchase price including VAT, must be paid within 14 business days following the investor’s request for payment. 

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